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About Us

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Zee is a momma of two, a runner, a reader, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend to many. She’s raising hell down south in Texas where she was born and raised. Some of her favorite things are talking shit, listening to audiobooks at 2x the speed of light, and rotting her mind with too much reality tv.

Suzette Wunsche Sanchez


Amy is so many things, and it’s taken her close to her whole life to even determine what she wants to be when she grows up. She has two amazing kids and is married to her best friend (sap alert). She loves audiobooks, sarcasm, her family and close circle of friends and finding new hobbies. She’s in Columbus Ohio where she’s trying to raise kids that will change the world, while navigating life every day in a household where everyone has ADHD. Amy would LOVE to hear your drama but does not want to be a part of it and has a deep love in her heart for horror flicks, sushi, and talking smack.

Amy Rehs-Dupin


How it all began

Once upon a time, two moms, tired, trying to stay afloat and looking for community, found each other online. Amy and Zee met while moderating a moms group and one day Amy saw Zee make a Parks and Recreation reference and it was love at first sight. When they both discovered their love for true was over...a community was born.

Through instagram they started covering true crime cases until they took it to the podcasts. Its been two years and its only up from here. Thanks for hanging out and helping us all find a little piece of ourselves through community, cases, and mess.